Cricket Bowling Machines

BOLA The World's No1 Cricket Bowling Machine - constantly evolving, constantly improving!

BOLA Cricket Bowling Machines have been at the forefront of technology since their launch by club cricketer Michael Stuart in 1985. The original conceptual brief to provide accurate and consistent batting practice for cricketers of all standards and abilities is still very much alive but constant evolutionary development has continued for two decades to make the latest BOLA better than ever. BOLA Cricket Bowling Machines are already widely used by hundreds of schools, clubs, private individuals and organisations who have recognised a very tangible and enjoyable way of improving batting performance. A first class cricket practice facility available to all cricketers at an affordable price. BOLA Cricket Bowling Machines provide the best fun you'll have on your own in a cricket net!
The latest BOLA Cricket Bowling Machines continues to break new ground with the introduction of the very latest speed control technology. Since the successful launch of the original BOLA Cricket Bowling Machines in 1985 which was purchased by Surrey County Cricket Club and the England Test Side shortly afterward, BOLA manufacturers Stuart & Williams have vigorously pursued a policy of continuous improvement and development of the original design. The key concepts of the original BOLA design remain very much in evidence in the latest machine complemented by modern technology and innovation. BOLA 'Professional' Cricket Bowling Machines now benefit from an electronic random delivery mode as well as a sophisticated new speed control package which is extremely energy efficient and offers much greater battery operation time so your sessions in the middle or net with no mains power will tire all but the most persistent of net practisers. After nearly two decades in production BOLA Cricket Bowling Machines can be found in use in a huge variety of cricketing environments. All the English first class counties now use BOLA Cricket Bowling Machines as well as the MCC Indoor School at Lord's which has used BOLA machines exclusively since 1986. The BOLA is also to be found in all sorts of venues across the world from the Sydney Cricket Ground in Australia to the Lima Cricket Ground in Peru and the Mumbai Cricket Club in India. Wherever there is cricket practice BOLA Cricket Bowling Machines are not far away.


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